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What we do


Development aid is our raison d'être. Both the MEEM organization and the Gallic Village were created in order to aid the development of a poverty-stricken region of Africa. Every year 60% of the profits made by the Village in July and August are used to finance Togolese schools; more than 50 000 € a year since 1996.

Education is the source of all progress : social, economic, sanitary and political.

Learning to read and write in a country where the state cannot assume the responsibility for education gives great pleasure to the children whoare lucky enough

to go to school.

MEEM finances schools in ten villages ( 3300 children), run by the Ploërmel Brothers; a religious order with a teaching mission.

Our organization also allocates funds to the local secondary school run by a parents' association and the Togolese non-governmental aid organization, the C.A.P.A.S.